EUROLATAM CONSULTANCY is born as the result of the association and integration of several professionals with recognized standing an a long career in various countries and a deep experience in the assistance and management of broad business operations, both in the private and public sectors, placing those skills in helping our clients.

OUR CORE VALUES: Personal, exclusive and confidential treatment.


  • To accompany the client in his international development.
  • Supporting him in generating value for his investments abroad.
  • Helping him overcome the problems that can arise in such a complex field as internationalization is.

All of that sustained by the huge expertise of our team and deep knowledge of the countries in which we are established.



Be it for having identified a particular opportunity or for an strategic decision of a company to enter a particular market, we will accompany you in your establishment project offering different alternatives depending on the targeted country.
Moreover we will help you with all the technical,administrative,financial or legal needs that may arise in the process.


We help our clients to get in touch with the key decision holders of the most relevant private companies and public institutions so they can be known and evaluated, thus correctly positioning themselves on the market.


The actual presence in the differents markets in which we operate and long career of our professionals gives us a huge expertise for the resolution of the possible conflicts a company in its transnational development phase may face, be it for legal, administrative or financial complications regarding public or private institutions and corporations.


In many cases, a company establishing in another country requires reaching agreements with local companies or investors.
In that sense, Eurolatam specializes in the analysis and choice of the best possible alternatives, accompanying the client through all the process of selection, negotiation and closing of deals with the chosen partner.


The “Cross-border M & A” is currently the most used by companies for a quick entry strategy into new markets. Companies who decide by this strategy should assess the risks and benefits of this option against ‘greenfield’ deployments. From Eurolatam, we advise and coordinate in these processes, from both sides of the operation, either as a buyer or as a seller, both in competitive processes and negotiations in exclusivity, accompanying companies throughout the complex process that represents an acquisition or a “cross-border” merger.


Our actual presence in the countries allows us to know of the commercial opportunities available in them, always aiming to proactively offer our clients the best options for the development of their companies.
We assist throughout the whole process of knowing, learning about studying, preparing and monitoring international tenders for all sectors, always considering the needs of our clients.

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